We understand that where your pets will be staying is very important and that you need to feel comfortable that they will be safe and secure.

We have a wide range of accommodation options available in our wooden pet lodge depending on the size and requirements of your pets. The below should provide an indication although most of our enclosures have different configurations which can be set up. We also have additional hideaways and boxes/sleeping areas which are used as appropriate.

Our pet lodge also has space to house other enclosures if you are bringing your own with you.


Guinea pigs, rabbits and rats will generally stay in our pet lodge and other pets will be accommodated in our house but please do contact us to discuss any specific needs your pets may have.

Outdoor Space

Exercising on the grass is very popular with the guests. 

We have a variety of options for exercise depending on who is coming to stay. Our main exercise areas are large sturdy galvanised runs on the grass which are secured to the ground. We also have a walk-in run which provides additional exercise space.

Rooms at The Didcot Pet Hotel

The Dandelion Suite

This is a large double storey enclosure suitable for up to 6 guinea pigs or 2 rabbits (depending on the breed of rabbit). It can be divided into two separate enclosures to house different pets (or to separate bonded pets that are having disagreements!). The guests love running up and down the ramp and we can adjust the angle of the slope depending on their size. 

Guests enjoy sitting on top of the wooden hideaway and watching what's going on. That works fine until another guinea pig comes down the ramp!

The Bramble Suite

This is a large enclosure suitable for a rabbit or up to 3 guinea pigs. It is set up with a hideaway area when we have guinea pigs to stay and has a separate sleeping area when we have a rabbit to stay.

This enclosure has a lot of flexibility which means there is no risk of our guests getting bored!

The Rosemary Suite

This is a Tudor-style wooden hutch suitable for up to 3 guinea pigs. It can connect to The Clover Suite to house larger groups.


They love running between the two enclosures - always a chance that the other hutch might have a bigger selection of vegetables!

The Clover Suite

This is a conventional size wooden hutch suitable for up to 2 guinea pigs. It can connect to The Rosemary Suite to house larger groups of guinea pigs.


Running between the two enclosures is fun although they have been known to reverse out after meeting a guinea pig coming the other way!

The Marigold Suite

This is an enclosure suitable for up to 2 guinea pigs. Again we can change the configuration to suit the needs of our guests.


They love to peek out through the bars to see what's going on!

The Bluebell Suite

This is a double storey enclosure suitable for 2 rabbits with a large area downstairs and a spacious bedroom area upstairs.


They love bounding up and down the ramp and exploring the different areas, particularly if there are vegetables to be found!

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