The Didcot Pet Hotel


Holiday boarding for your small animals - treat them to a holiday they'll love! 


At The Didcot Pet Hotel we provide boarding for guinea pigs, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, budgies, tortoises, rats, mice and more. We make sure your pets have everything they need to enjoy a home from home.


We are a family based within minutes of the Orchard Centre in Didcot and we love looking after animals. We have guinea pigs, chickens, a dog and lots of enthusiasm for looking after more! With over 25 years of experience of keeping various small animals you can feel comfortable that your pets are in safe hands. 


We take bookings a long way in advance, leaving you with one less thing to think about. You can rest assured your pets will have a lovely time while you are away! Please click here to get in touch. 


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